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Best Shoes For Zumba 2018 – Reviews & Ratings

Did you enjoy your first Zumba class? Do you see yourself attending more classes in the future? Now that you’ve made up your mind about regularly taking Zumba classes, it’s time to find the right gear. You can purchase a great outfit to wear to class, but you should also make sure to get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes.

What Type Of Shoe Do I Need For Zumba?

Any type of sneaker or leisure shoe will do, right? Well maybe for a session or two whilst you decide if zumba is for you, but if you are going to get committed then you want a decent shoe for your workouts – one that is purpose made or as close as possible to ensure you remain injury free and are able to successfully carry out all the moves. So what are the basic characteristics all the best zumba shoes have?

Here is a rundown on what you need to focus on when picking a shoe or deciding if your existing shoes are up to the job..


When you are working out hard and having to move those feet you sure don’t want to be lugging about heavy footwear making the job harder than it needs to be. You want something lightweight that doesn’t make the workout harder than it needs to be. You also don’t want to be carrying around a heavy bag of workout kit all day if you are booked for a class later in the day – go for a pair of lightweight zumba sneakers every time.


You better believe these workouts are hard work – you are going to be sweaty and out of breath. Those shoes are going to take the brunt of the action and you are not going to be throwing them in the laundry every week – make sure your footwear is breathable. You want some nice new technical fabric meshy stuff that will breathe and cool down easily – stay away from plastic, membrane, faux leather etc.


Obviously you want your shoe to be comfortable – I mean what kind of lame advice is that? Talk about the obvious……but hold fire – we really mean comfortable. You are going to be twisting, sliding, bouncing and shuffling. Any tight spots or any excess room in the shoe is going to give you blisters, raw spots and pressure points. Seriously you need to try them sneakers on and pull some moves, be hyper critical because you are going to not want to patch up your feet after a week or two. It is not enough to be comfortable when you stand in them you want comfort during action.

Shock Absorbent

Being a mix of dance and aerobics you are going to end up bouncing, marching and jumping from time to time. Now dancing also has sliding and pivoting so the picture you should be getting is that you are not going to be working out on soft, mat lined floors. You are going to be operating on hard surfaces that allow sliding and turning. You don’t want thin soled, hard soled footwear – like those boating shoes at the bottom of your closet…You want shock absorbent footwear, footwear that can take a pounding and then some more. These will protect your knees, hips and ankles giving you the chance to take your zumba fitness to the next level.

Loads of Support

In your search for comfort don’t be fooled into choosing a less supportive shoe that is a little more baggy and forgiving. These will give the foot to much room for manoeuvre during slides and turns and may allow you to go over on your ankles or rotate the shoe on your foot. Trying sticking your foot out to the side with your toes still pointing forward – do you slide off the outside edge of the sole? Is the ankle support gripping the base of the ankle but cutaway enough to avoid impinging the movement. Basically you want that dance shoe to fit snugly but not to tight and support all the basic movements – you want to be confident during your twist and turns and slides that those bad boys are not shifting on your feet and are helping keep your foot stable when you pull off your moves.

Pivot Points

All that other stuff is kind of obvious and easy to understand but this one is a little more left field. Pivot points! Just like basketball shoes, we are talking that little bit of round patterned rubber under the big toe joint on you basket ball sneakers. You want shoes with pivot points because you are going to be turning and spinning and you don’t want your foot stuck in position whilst you do it. If you can’t get a shoe with a pivot point or basket ball footwear is not your thing then the next point is even more crucial.

Lower Grip

Yes it seems crazy but you do not want the grippiest shoes available to mankind. You want to be sliding, you want to be turning, gliding through your workout but then with a change of direction you don’t want to lose your footing……Grip but not to much.

With these points in mind what are your options? Essentially you have two clear options :

Dance sneakers/zumba shoes – a purpose built dance shoe which will have pivot points, support, and less grip than other types of training shoe.

Often easy to spot by the split sole set up. A split sole essentially means the shoe has a visible padded sole under the ball of the foot and the heel. The mid sole appears to be missing.

This split sole gives greater flexibility than other types of workout shoe allowing for specific dance movements – the foot arch has integral built in support. If you suffer from high arches the best zumba shoes for high arches will be shoes with the thickest heel and foot pad as these are built for the greatest shock absorption – they will take some of the pressure of the outer edges of your feet. The trade off is that you lose some of the feel of the shoe as you foot is further away from the dance surface. If you want the best shoes for zumba for flat feet you are going to have to try on numerous pairs to find the best integral arch support available alternatively you could look at using a cross trainer shoe.

Zumba dance shoes are obviously the ideal solution if you are embarking on this type of workout but are not really ideal for any other workout activity so unless you are dedicated you may not get full value out of this option.

Cross trainers – these are a good starting point if you have a pair already, alternatively if you do other workouts these are a good one shoe fits all type option. These offer a better option than running shoes as they have less grip so may cause less injuries and difficulties than if you try to use running shoes.

Additionally they fulfil most of the criteria in terms of weight, breath ability and support. If you do suffer from flat feet, cross trainers can offer good support for your arches with their sole being full.

What not to use – whatever you do stay away from traditional running shoes and shoes with to much grip. You need the slide and running shoes are simply built for grip, avoid if you can….

Before you become overwhelmed in finding just the right pair, let us help you. We know it can be difficult to compare and understand all the features that different shoes have because we did that. All our efforts and hard work led us to choose these 6 as the best shoes for Zumba.

Zumba Shoes Reviewed

Zumba Women’s Fly Print Dance Shoe


Womens Zumba Shoe Fly Print

The Zumba Women’s Fly Print Dance Shoe is a lightweight shoe that allows you to effortlessly move to the rhythm of the music and burn those excess calories. With these shoes, you will certainly have fun in shaping your body with Zumba. Every part of this shoe is made of lightweight materials to make sure your moves are not restricted with the weight of the shoes you are wearing.

The breathable mesh allows for air to move in and out of the shoe to make sure your sweaty feet can still breathe. The fabric mesh construction is soft and bendable enough to allow your feet to go easily into various positions. The support cushions inside the shoes are very comfortable to the soles of the feet.

The inserts can be replaced with orthopedic ones if needed. The synthetic EVA midsole provides cushioning and is made of a lightweight and durable material. The Z-slide in the soles of the shoes help in easily performing various slide movements without slipping.

The outsole extends to a tip in the toes to aid in performing toe stands. The simple design makes it easy to pair with any Zumba outfit. It is also available in different colors and design patterns to fit your own personal preferences.

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ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe

ASICS Gel Fit Zumba Shoe

The ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe helps you to give your best whether you are cross training, active in sports, or in a Zumba class. The mono-sock fit system snugly and comfortably hugs your fit so that you can even comfortably wear them without socks. The upper is made out of a very flexible and breathable mesh, which makes it perfect for all kinds of Zumba movements.

The AHAR+ high-abrasion outsole makes it a durable one and it can withstand lots of use so you are sure it will last. It also provides enough grip to move fast but not slip. The low-profile midsole plus the rear foot GEL cushioning makes it a very comfortable shoe that you will love to wear while dancing or even while running your errands.

The shoe is designed with a breathable mesh at the front and woven bands for the external heel cage. The design isn’t only for aesthetic purposes, but also to make the shoe more stretchable for it to have a more comfortable fit. The breathable soft mesh fabric also helps make sure that your feet feel fresh even after your Zumba workout.

The shoe’s simple design is well loved by many customers; it looks like your basic sneaker with the ASICS logo on each side. It also comes in various color combinations; from a more muted black/white/coral combination to a louder hot pink/white/grape color scheme.

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Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Capezio Woman's Dance Sneaker

The Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker is made for dance and Zumba as well. The upper is made up of PU Nubuck, imitation suede and a breathable nylex mesh to ensure the durability and provide proper ventilation. The perforations found on the underside of the shoe in the arch area of the foot provide even more ventilation.

The split-sole design isn’t only made to have more ventilation, but also to make sure the shoe is flexible enough for the user. The boxed toe is shaped to make it easier to do toe stands. The patented flex points on the PU outsole adds to the flexibility of the shoe. The Achilles notch, collar, and tongue are all padded to add more comfort while the shoe is worn.

The lacing system that starts further to the sides enables the user to tie the polyester cotton laces in a snugger fit. The removable EVA foot bed ensures that the shoe is properly cushioned, contoured, and capable of absorbing shock. This lightweight shoe comes in a black sleek and stylish design.

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RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

Ryka Women's Zumba Shoes

The RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe is ergonomically designed for high-impact fitness enthusiasts like Zumba dancers and trainers alike. The flex-foil and direct fuse layer construction provides all the support you will need while moving your feet to different sides. The upper is made of a mesh fabric that provides proper ventilation to the foot.

The medial post provides the much-needed arch support in order to make the shoe feel comfortable. The cushioning found in the collar, midsole pressure points, and the heel all increase the comfort level provided by the shoes. The narrow heel and roomy forefoot design makes it easier to move through the Zumba workout.

The comfort sole is specially designed to absorb the maximum impact and provide the much-needed cushioning as you jump or step to the beat. The traction outsole has a cute footprint design and provides adequate grip to aid in stability and balance. The shoes come in a variety of color combinations, and there are 7 to choose from.

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PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’S FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Puma Womens Cross Trainer

The PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe has a sleek design and can make your Zumba sessions more comfortable. This comfort can help you make up your mind about attending your Zumba classes again and again. The synthetic leather upper comes with perforations that improve the way the shoe looks and also provide the ventilation needed by your feet.

The lace closure enables users to tighten up their shoes for a snug fit. The breathable EcoOrthoLite sock liner helps not only to achieve a snug fit, but a more comfortable one to help your feet optimally move with the shoe. The EVA heel pod and the cushion found on the midsole act as a shock absorber and ensures that the feet comfortably land, even when you jump.

The multidirectional rubber outsole provides the much-needed grip, even on sweat-dripped floors. As with other PUMA rubber shoes, this comes in a variety of color combinations; one of the 7 color combinations can certainly suit your personality and preference.

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Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

Bloch Womens Dance Sneaker


The Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker makes it easier for you to do the different steps in your Zumba class. The lightweight, but high-quality materials enable you to give your all during Zumba without fear of hurting your feet or unintentionally falling down. It is capable of providing you with a custom fit that enables you to focus more on your moves.

The mesh upper makes the shoe breathable and it is reinforced by a suede material to ensure that it doesn’t easily rip off while working out. The synthetic sole has a split sole design which leads to a ventilated and more flexible shoe for Zumba. The 1 ¼” heels and platform feel secure and sturdy.

The variable lacing system makes it easier for you to achieve a custom fit that provides support not only to the arch of your foot, but the rest of it as well. The lightweight midsole provides cushioning, while the high-density outsole makes the shoe more durable. The pivot points make it easier for you to move freely even with a 360° movement.

The cushioning in the heels are also made to absorb shock to prevent the joints in your feet from being damaged. The shoes are available in 4 different colors: black, pink, blue, and orange.

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Wearing the right shoes for your Zumba sessions make it easier for you to do the moves, and lessens the pain you feel afterwards. With any of the shoes found above, you can make sure that your feet freely move. They are all great at enabling you to focus more on doing the movements, instead of feeling the pain and pressure on your feet.

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