Fight Back Against Killer Chairs!

If you haven’t heard by now then you are most likely one of the last to know. Sitting is bad for your health. Indeed, sitting would appear to be as dangerous to your health as smoking.

Apart from restricting your circulation, sitting is actually trying to sneak up on you and kill you quietly and silently by stressing your lower back, reducing your metabolic rate, increasing you blood pressure and cholesterol and generally making you more susceptible to diabetes and all sorts of killer conditions.

Don’t take my word for it – read these worrying articles by the, and the Seriously, if you don’t read those and suddenly develop an urge to get up and jog on the spot you ain’t human.

However, all is not lost – it doesn’t have to be this way. You could easily get up a go for a walk, walk round the office on your phone, go workout on a regular basis and generally reverse all this damage that sitting has been doing to you by just doing a little extra, regular movement. Seriously, it doesn’t take much but you need to be committed.

Problem is we are all real busy, finding time for exercise just doesn’t seem to work out in the long run. Getting in the habit of exercising is tough – even with the best of intentions our interest wanes over time, we get distracted by life’s demands and lose our routine. Sometime that walk just isn’t possible or the twenty minutes required just won’t fit in with your hectic schedule.

For you my friend we have a solution! Fit your exercise in whilst you work, get that circulation pumping, lose a little weight by burning some additional calories – you don’t have to take it lying down (or even sitting).

Now you can get a selection of workout equipment that enables you to get more exercise whilst at your desk – you don’t need to find additional time for exercise – it is already there – you just got to multitask yourself to better health. At this stage any additional movement is beneficial in the fight against the sitting killer!

There are a wide range of options available on the market to help you get more movement and exercise in your day whilst at your desk. You could try an under desk elliptical like the cubii or if ellipticals aren’t your thing you could go for a deskcycle mini bike specially made for working out at the office.

Perhaps those articles have really got you thinking and you want a full on assault on the problem. For you the answer is a standing desk with a desk treadmill so you can stroll whilst you do your emails. Even if you just opted for a standing desk the benefits of not sitting would stand you in good stead.

Check out some of these videos so you can see how you can incorporate these fixes into your routine.

Fight back against the killer chairs!