Three Reasons People Buy A Mini Stepper.

mini stepperI read the other day that up to ninety percent of people that take up a gym membership give up on the gym after 3 months, yet the money continues to flow out of their account until their contract is up after 12 months. That is a pretty insightful factoid. I guess either individuals achieve all their fitness goals in three months and feel no need to return to the gym, or more likely, start strongly, notice an improvement and are content to put off going to the gym until they feel down about themselves again months later. The striking thing is the amount of money left on the table. I know from my own experience that the same situation tends to occur when you buy exercise equipment. You start off with great intentions and then after a period of physical improvement you find it hard to motivate yourself to continue to the next level. At this point the equipment is put to one side….but at least you own the equipment, it doesn’t vanish after a few months. The only problem is the amount of room the equipment takes up and how much it cost initially. Many of you have probably had the gym experience or bought equipment and landed in this situation. We missed a trick….. We should have seen the situation coming and opted to buy something like a mini stepper machine rather than a humping great treadmill or the full bells and whistles rower that cost $300.

Is A Mini Stepper A Good Workout

Mini exercise steppers take on various forms from a simple raised plastic step, such as the aerobic stepper that rises to give a 6 inch step, through to hydraulic foot pads sometimes called mini ellipticals, that you stand on and step using the resistance on the hydraulics. Whichever type you choose from, the type of mini stepper workout you get is the same. The act of stepping provides a low impact form of exercise that avoids damaging joints and bones whilst at the same time working the heart and lungs. This is great exercise, and in addition, by lifting you ministepperbandsbody weight rhythmically using a single leg at a time this exercise is really great at toning legs and buttocks as well as improving your lung fitness. The major benefit is that you go at your own pace as hard as you like but 20 minutes a day, three times a week will burn calories and contribute to improvements in your personal fitness. Read more about health benefits here : Mini Stepper Benefits.


Mini stepper exercise equipment is small, lightweight and portable. What this means is that once you have reached the inevitable three month mark you won’t have the equipment clogging up your living space. You can literally drop it in the bottom of a closet and forget about it until you feel fat again! No but seriously, this kit is easy to have around the house and effective to use. Hell, you can even take this kit to work if you must, it is that small, lightweight and portable, ideal for moving in front of the TV whilst you use it and then removing after use. An aerobic stepper will generally weigh up to 10 pounds and a hydraulic mini stepper will usually come in twenty pounds. Both will slide away under a bed when you have finished with it.

Mini stepper prices

No more 12 month fees for 3 months of working out. No more big one off outlays. Mini stepper exercisers can be bought for as little as $50 and we are not just talking the lowest price, we are talking choice at this level. Prices start at $30 and rise to $70. Cheap mini steppers will generally be either a plastic step that you can use as part of an aerobics routine or a set of hydraulic foot pads. Higher cost models such as electronic mini steppers will have additional features such as displays and resistance bands for upper body workouts.

It is easy to see why mini stepper exercisers are so popular. If you want to save on gym fees these machines give you three good reasons. They are realtively cheap and cost effective for exercise equipment, give a great low impact workout and are small enough to easily store without cluttering up your home. Save money and space…try a mini stepper today.